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1924 BSA Round Tank

Registration no. DS 6982   Frame no. B2214   Engine no. B41629

bsa-round-tank-(w)Years in production – 1924-27
Engine – single-cylinder side-valve four-stroke
Capacity – 249cc
Bore and Stroke – 63 x 80mm
Tyres – 2.25 x 24in beaded-edge type
Brakes – friction block on dummy belt rim (rear only – two independant systems)
Gearbox – 2-speed
Top speed – 43mph

About the 250cc BSA Model B ‘Round Tank’

One of BSA’s all-time best-selling motorcycles, the 250cc Model B was called the ‘Round Tank’ because of its cylindrical fuel and oil reservoir. During production from 1924 to 1928, 35,000 examples were sold. Keenly priced, the chain-driven Model B was light yet sturdy and very economical.
The 249cc side-valve engine will barely take the machine to 45mph and the hand-change gearbox has only High and Low ratios, yet a Round Tank climbed the rocky 3560ft (1085m) peak of Snowdon in 1924. An odd feature of the Model B is the absence of a front brake. The rear brake is applied by both a handlebar lever and a pedal.